Mission Statement: The PV Volunteers are an ecumenical community of diverse individuals. By providing a service experience in a variety of settings, we respond to human need, form relationships and encourage change and growth both in ourselves and with those we serve.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"The kingdom within is lush garden that fills your soul with awe. An inner landscape of truth, beauty and love that if acknowledged and appreciated will transport you to a higher level of being where the glow of greatness will guide you to the essence of true wisdom."  Michael Teal

Last night we were asked to reflect on what we each bring to West Virginia, the PV Community and/or the community at large.  It was a nice twist on the idea of we want to bring from our experience.

For sites today we spent time up in Hanover continuing with painting, flooring and connecting the water pipes.  The crew at the painting site in Jesse were able to get some of the painting done, but were once again stalled by torrential downpours. We were also able to finish up the roofing site in Mullens.  The last of the crew went to Basketball Camp and again it was a huge success.  The kids and the volunteers had a lot of fun.

Tonight is taco night!!! Yum yum!

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