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Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunday, July 4th 2010

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!!

This weekend was a big change over weekend with 20 people leaving and 23 people arriving.  We are sad to see those go that have been with us the first two weeks and at the same time excited for the new arrivals.  It always amazes us how seamlessly the community transitions from week to week.  A key part of this is our wonderful summer longs who provided a consistent presence for us throughout these transitions.

Even though it was the 4th, it was still community day for the PVs.  After going to Mass in Pineville, we gathered for community day activities.  We began with pairing off and interviewing each other and then presenting our fellow volunteer to the rest of the group.  It was surprising how much we learned about each other, even people we have known for a long time.  After the interviews we moved to the gym for a game of kickball.

After orientation and reorientation, we were treated to our now traditional meal of hamburgers and veggie burgers. Yum yum.... After a quick clean up we moved into the commissioning service to anoint the newly arrived volunteers for their service. Commissioning is always a nice way to connect every volunteer that serves during the summer and to prepare each person for the next day.

We wrapped up the day with a community trip to the Oceana Fireworks. (see pictures below)  It was a beautiful and quite impressive display.  We were joined in Oceana by one of our friends from Lillydale.  After a bit of a traffic jam leaving Oceana we returned to the school and devoured a yummy "flag cake" made with blueberries and strawberries.  It was a great day!

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  1. I've enjoyed reading all about the PV work so far this summer! I miss not being able to be in WV this summer, & I hope to bring along my husband to volunteer next summer :)