Mission Statement: The PV Volunteers are an ecumenical community of diverse individuals. By providing a service experience in a variety of settings, we respond to human need, form relationships and encourage change and growth both in ourselves and with those we serve.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Aurora, IL Summary and More Pics

We are back after a little technical glitch with our website and wanted to provide a summary of all the wonderful work the volunteers did during the week, as well as share a few more pictures.

It was a great week with a wide variety of experiences and opportunities:

  • Hesed House – Volunteers prepared and served a meal, cleaned out a storage room that was effecting the heath of residents, painted an office used for pro-bono legal work, helped to retrieve a donated vehicle
  • Hesed House/Lighthouse – Volunteers removed an old carpet in two rooms of an apartment that was causing respiratory issues for it’s resident and replaced with a new carpet. The resident was a former guest at Hesed House and is still part of their Light House Program, following up with needed service.
  • St. Rita’s Catholic Church – Volunteers helped to lay a floor in two rooms for a family who recently purchased a house that needed some work. The family provided the flooring and some of the equipment needed, (and lunch!) we just provided the labor.
  • World Relief (Refuge Services) – Volunteers helped to move items from a neighboring town, drive the large U-Haul truck and set up for their annual fundraising dinner. Once all the items were at the venue, volunteers set up a mock refuge camp and a mock first apartment when refuges arrive. The coordinator of the event was on crutches and appreciated all the extra hands.