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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"The real voyage of discovery consists not seeing new landscapes but in having new eyes."  Marcel Proust

Reflection last night was focused on change, and little differences that we can make.  We shared when we have made a difference and when someone made a difference to us.  It was really amazing to hear everyone's stories.

Today was our last day of home repair being based at the school.  Tomorrow, besides our normal Friday sites, we will be moving all of our belongings to the house in Pineville which will be our home base for the last week of the program.

Today's home repair sites....We are getting REALLY close to finishing up out in Hanover.  We are waiting for the final flooring to arrive and finishing up a lot of little things throughout the house.  We continued out at the site in Mullens, finishing up runs to the dump and started dry walling the ceiling.  Great progress today.  We also sent a crew out to our friend up in Glen Rogers to power wash his trailer. We will head back out there on Monday to finish up with his roof.  They finished up early enough that some folks from this site made an impromptu dump run for us.  We also started a new site just up the road from the school to work on some plumbing and flooring issues.  It turns out we underpinned their house in 2000 and it still looks fabulous

We also had day four of our Rainforest Camp. The kids are having a great time this summer and are eagerly anticipating the last day tomorrow.

Tonight for dinner we are being treated to breakfast for dinner with a menu of scrambled eggs, home fries and ham.  Yummy!

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