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Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

"We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and to know the place for the first time."  T.S. Eliot

It is hard to believe that another week is coming to a close.  Time just seems to be flying by these days.

Last night we had a wonderful reflection on the youth in the county, done by some of the youth in the PV Community.  It was a wonderful and thought provoking sharing.

Today, as always was our non-home repair day.  We aren't out on home repair sites, but it is quite a busy day.  After the morning scrubbing of the school, volunteers set off to Mullens to help with distribution day at the Itmann Food Bank and to once again work with UGWA doing both clean up and water monitoring.

We also continued with our series of home repair classes at St. Vincent DePaul.  This week the participants were taught the tricks of installing and hanging doors and doorknobs.

We also had our last day at soccer camp in Glen Fork.  I think a good time was had by all, campers and PVs alike.  Several of the campers then returned back to the school in the afternoon for a two hour tutoring session proudly wearing their new camp shirts.

Later in the afternoon, quite a few volunteers headed to Glen Rogers Manor for several fun games of Banana Bingo with the residents.  All in all a great day.

Tonight for dinner we are having quesadillas.  As the t-shirts in Dairy Queen say, scrump-dilly-icious!

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for pictures from the week!

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