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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday Morning 3am

As we set out for the day, several herds of deer bid us adieu from the side of the road. Not only did they not run when we were near, that actually posed for a picture:-)  The work day itself was another good one with work continuing at the Brenton site, Head Start and helping out at the St. Vincent de Paul warehouse.

 The home repair site went very smoothly and the rain showers even managed to stop just when we needed them to to go out and cut wood. Since most of our work was indoors, we were able to spend time with the family and be entertained by their adorable 8 month old boy. Just as we were wrapping up, the winds and rain really started picking up.

Students went to Head Start again today. Being able to have Head Start as one of the options for the week has been great. The volunteers are working in peoples homes, but to be able to see the children in a school setting gives a whole new perspective, and helps Head Start with their funding to boot!

 We also sent a crew to help with organization at the St. Vincent de Paul warehouse in Pineville. They are fortunate to get many donations, but oftentimes get overwhelmed by the number of items coming in they can't get to things that needs to be distributed, so the students helped organize it all.

We are now bracing for a winter storm that is coming in this evening. It is beginning to snow as I type, and we are expecting one to two inches by morning with temperatures topping out tomorrow around freezing. It is really quite amazing that yesterday at this time we were sitting with the windows and doors open, and tonight we are getting ready for temps in the mid-teens.

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