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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sweet Thursday

 Talk about a change in seasons, we woke this morning to frigid temperatures and a couple of inches of snow on the ground. Wyoming County schools were closed for the day, but we decided to go with a "delayed opening." Head Start was canceled for the day, so the group split in half with one group going to St. Vincent DePsul and the other going to a new home repair site.

 The home repair site was in Fan Rock, not too far from where the group was staying. The work we were doing was for a young couple with two small kids, the youngest 7 months old. The front steps were quite long and high and did not have a railing. Both the mom and child have falling off so they were very appreciative of the new railings. They also are having a leaking roof problem (that we will fix in the summer) that has caused a soft spot on the floor in the kitchen. The group rolled back the linoleum and patched the spot. We are looking forward to working with the family again.

The group that went to St. Vincent DePaul continued to help Debbie organize the warehouse and help distribute furniture. We will be returning there again tomorrow to wrap things up.

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