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Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday, Monday

We were blessed with a beautiful day today, sunshine and all warm weather. The group split into two groups with a group going to Head Start and a group going out to a home repair site. The Head Start is always very welcoming to the volunteers and the kids love having them spend the day with them. The one on one interaction of the volunteers and kids is priceless and the stories that come out of the day are always entertaining.

The home repair site today was out in Clear Fork and consisted of several small jobs for a wonderful family. We were greeted at the door with an offer of coffee, is there not a better way to start a site? Our tasks for the day included buidling a new railing on their front steps, tarring and patching the roof, and repairing a closet ceiling that have caved into due to the leaks. The group was so efficient that we were done early and had plenty of time to spend with the home owner and enjoy the sunshine.

 We have included some pictures from the first couple of days below.

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