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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sun Comes Up Its Tuesday Morning

Today was another breathtakingly beautiful day in Wyoming County. The sky was blue, the temperatures topped out just over 70, and everyone was in a great mood because of it. We started a new site today in Brenton that will carry over into tomorrow and into the summer as well. We were able to get a lot done today outside and take advantage of the nice weather. We tarred a section of the roof that was leaking really badly. This is a temporary fix until we come back this summer and put a new EPDM rubber roof on the trailer. Were also able to cover up a large hole that used to have a septic tank in it, and install a back door to the trailer, which provided a much needed second exit for the family of three (including an adorable 8 month old boy). We also started to work on the floors that need replacing in the hallway, a task that will continue into tomorrow. The amount of work that was done today was amazing.

The rest of the students went to the Baileysville Head Start for the day. Not only do they get to hangout with the kids, the get lunch, and are invited to join the kids for the bus ride at the end of the day to drop them off. A very full and exciting day.

Both the home repair and Head Start groups arrived back to the school at the same time so the whole group decided to take a trip down to Dairy Queen to enjoy a nice cold treat on a warm sunny day.

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