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Sunday, March 9, 2014

NIU Service Week Begins

The NIU students arrived safely last night. We met up with them in Pineville and then led them out to Bailyesville Community Center where they will be staying for the week. Earlier in the day we had collected the air mattresses and extra blankets from storage, but we weren't able to locate a pump to inflate them. PV improvising to the rescue! We were able to make an inflator by connecting a funnel to a leaf blower, and a little duct tape. It worked beautifully! In no time all the mattresses were inflated and the students were settled in for the night.

After Mass this morning, the students spent the day enjoying the beauty of the nature of Wyoming County, while the PV staff set up the weeks sites, shopped for supplies and collected tools from storage. After dinner we all met back up at BCC for an orientation and commissioning service. We are all looking forward to a great week.

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