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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be."
May Sarton

Today we finished two sites, almost finished two others, putting us in good shape to end the summer program accomplishing all that we set out to do. The porch roof in Baileysville was stabilized and the gap between the house and porch filled. When the volunteers arrived this morning to do the finishing touches, the home owner had already put flowers and candles up the steps and moved all her furniture onto the porch. She was thrilled to have some shade to escape the heat.

The other site we finished was a site that was pretty much completed a couple of weeks ago, but once again needed a few finishing touches. This was a site in Corrine building a ramp for a wheelchair bound woman. She was very excited to have a better way in and out of her house.

We also continued working at the roofing site in Pineville. The crew did a wonderful job, but had to stop as they run out of the adhesive which was getting picked up in Charleston today. Tomorrow they should be able to finish the site off. They have had a lot of support from the home owner and his family throughout the project, as well as the assistance of a young man from the local parish.

We also started a new project in Oceana today, helping a couple with their roof and windows. The couple recently bought the trailer, but is unable to any of the much needed work throughout their home. We are trying to do as much as we can before the summer program ends.

Basketball Camp continued in Mullens today. Each day the camp picks up a new child or two as kids go home and tell their friends about the camp. These kids are getting a top notch camp and an experience of a lifetime thanks to Coach "D" and the PVs who have helped him each day.

We once again had a wonderful dinner, chicken (marinated overnight), rice, 3 bean salad and a green salad. After reflection we had frozen watermelon on a stick. Yummy, yummy.

Our nightly reflection tonight drew from the homily this Sunday where the Martha and Mary story was shared and the importance of hospitality and priorities was emphasized. For reflection we were asked to reflect on five things that are priorities to us and then to order those five items in order of importance. We then went around the room and shared a new and a good, and if we wanted a priority.

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