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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wednesday, July 19, 2013

"Direct action is not a substitute for work in the courts and the halls of government...indeed, direct action and legal action complement one another; when skillfully employed, each becomes more effective."
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today was another busy day, so busy that our blog post is a little later than usual. PVs were once again spread throughout the county at eight different sites. We continued and made great progress at the two ramp sites, the flooring site in Brenton, and the multifaceted site in Baileysville. We also finished the flooring/tiling site on Welch Pineville Road. The home owner was thrilled with all the work that was done there, and she told us she can't wait to show her daughter.

We also started a new, old site for our friends in Lilydale. Volunteers helped with a few odds and ends in the two trailers, including getting their AC working again. But perhaps the biggest job completed was the time the PVs spent with the family. As always it is a wonderful treat to just be in their presence.

The two non-home repair sites for the day included the basketball and craft camps in Pineville where the kids had a wonderful time, and a group of PVs went to Mullens to work at the Itmann Food Bank sorting through donations and getting it ready for distribution next week. All and all,it was a wonderful day on the job sites.

Breakfast was on the menu for dinner tonight. We had pancakes, eggs (with and without cheese), taylor ham (a NJ specialty), veggie sausage and home fries. It was a delicious meal. The dessert came after reflection, but it was worth the wait, yogurt parfait. Pretty fancy for this joint. : )

During reflection we were treated to a beautiful duet from two volunteers followed by the group sharing their thoughts on what they feel they have given this week.

After hearing the beautiful music created by PVs all week, we decided to have a coffee house like evening where volunteers could share their talents and their tunes with the rest of the group. We are really bowled over by how musically talented many of the PVs are.

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