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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednesday - water, water everywhere

The rains continue to pour and the rivers continue to rise. There is hope that tomorrow will bring sunshine and temperatures in the mid-sixties, melting the final patches of snow that remain and allow the swollen rivers to recede. We are really getting a taste of the weather that spring can bring.

We started the day with a quick repair of the sump pump at The Way to get the water flowing again and then headed out to sites for the day. The Head Start crew left really early, once again, to drive out to Baileysville and spend their day with the kids. The next departure was the crew heading to the worksite. Today the group laid the carpet and a couple of rows of tile on the newly replaced tile. The homeowner was ecstatic with the new floor, so excited not to have to walk around the holes anymore. Also on the docket was installing a new light fixture and fixing some plumbing problems and painting Killz on stains on the ceilings from a long ago leaky roof that the PVs fixed about 10 years ago. The plumbing and electric will continue into tomorrow, as well as a fresh coat of paint on the ceilings. The last group to leave The Way was the group that went to the Itmann Food Bank. The students got to learn the history of the Food Bank and help to clean and get it ready for distribution next week that will service over 500 people. Another great day!!

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