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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thursday...It's a Sunshiny Day

Today the sun came out, dried up the roads and left a genuine feeling of spring. Because of the gorgeous weather, the volunteers were very busy today distributing furniture at the St. Vincent DePaul warehouse, loading up the clients cars and assisting wherever necessary. With extra help, on days like these St. Vincent DePaul is able to give out much needed housewares and today specifically, mattresses.

Today was also the last day at the home repair site for the week. The difference between when we came in to begin work on Monday and how it looked this afternoon is astounding. Besides how it looks, just the fact that the floors are safe and sturdy is a huge worry off the minds of the home owner. While we were working on the floors and painting, we noticed that the toilets were flushing hot water. We found out last year when she was hooked onto city water they hooked the hot water instead of the cold water into the toilet. Just making this switch should help tremendously with her electric bill, and also replacing a leaking faucet should help save some more money. It turned out to be a wonderful week for both the volunteers and the home owner.

Finally, today was the last day the students went to assist at Head Start. From all reports the students have had a wonderful experience working with the teachers and students, as well as learning a lot about what it is like to grow up in the area. The Head Start will also benefit by being able to count all these volunteer hours to gain additional funding. Kudos to the Head Start and the teachers for allowing the students this experience.

Tomorrow for the final day, we have a special project that the whole group will do together. More on that tomorrow.....

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