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Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Busy, Yet Fruitful Day for the PVs

This past Saturday in New Jersey was a busy, yet fruitful day for the PVs. Each spring we gather the PV Steering Committee together for a meeting, and this year we added the first meeting of our newly forming youth leadership team had a potluck for PVs in the area and in impromptu catch-up with a couple of young ladies from WEB, the empowerment group in Brooklyn. We left on Sunday energized and excited for what lies ahead.

The PV Steering Committee spent their time together looking over the commissioning service. The commissioning service is such an integral part of starting a PV week that we didn't want to change it completely, but definitely thought it could use a few changes here and there. We were very happy with the end result and look forward to its first run in Seattle.

Next on the agenda was the meeting with the youth wanting to be involved with the PV youth leadership team. The enthusiasm that they showed for this group was very energizing and we are looking forward to moving forward. We ended up with a rough draft of a mission statement, (we are still pondering names,) we have a project for the the group to work on, and many great ideas for fundraisers for the younger PVs. As all of this blossoms, we will keep you updated.

A couple of the young PVs that are interested in being a part of this group are also a part of WEB in Brooklyn. Being able to catch up with these young ladies, who we have known for 17 years, was amazing. To hear what wonderful things they have accomplished is inspiring. We are so proud of you all!!!

Finally, we finished the day with a potluck for any PVs in the area. We ended up having a great turnout of about 30 volunteers. As you can imagine wherever PVs gather, there was good food, wonderful company, a lot of laughs and even a little home repair! Thank you Kraytem family for hosting the day!!!!

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