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Monday, March 9, 2015

Mondays are Fundays!!!

The first day of the service week with Northern Illinois University students went off without a hitch and to top it off we were blessed with a beautiful sunshiny day. The sun and warmer temperatures allowed some of the snow to melt before the rains settle in for the week, hopefully helping alievate the flooding possibilities.

The students spent their day at three different sites. A group headed out to Bailyesville to work with the kids at Head Start, continuing the tradition of NIU students helping out there. They not only welcome them in with open arms, they really give a full experience from breakfast, the school day and the bus ride home.

Another group of students spent the day at the St. Vincent DePaul warehouse in Pineville helping to sort through the warehouse and get ready for some give-a-ways during the week. As always the experience is made even that more wonderful by spending time with Debbie. : )

The final site of the day was our home repair site. Volunteers spent the day tearing up and replacing flooring for a wonderful woman who lives near the Wyoming/McDowell County line. We will be working at the site throughout the week finish up the flooring and installing carpet. Keep checking back for updates on this project and all the great work this week. We will post pictures as we get them as well.

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