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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi

Our brief respite from the hot weather is over, as today the temperatures climbed back into the mid 90's. Despite the heat, all 5 home repair sites went on.

A group went back up to the flooring site to lay underlayment in the rooms that they ripped up the carpet and bleached the floors. They have almost all the underlayment down in both rooms so it is ready for the linoleum.

A group went back up to continue work on the porch roof that was started yesterday. All the framing is done, as well as two rows of ondura. Right across the yard at the site where they are redoing the bathroom, great progress was made. Everything is all laid out and they are ready to go to start with the plumbing.

The final two sites were the neighbors near the school. Work continued on the ramp, which is so close to being finished. Only a little bit of decking needs to be done and the hand rails. At the other house, a lot of work was done. Some volunteers hung drywall and mudded, while others sanded and painted. The house is really starting to come together.

Tonight's dinner was a gourmet feast. We had pork tenderloin, green beans with almonds, rice and beans for the veggies, and salad. After reflection we had our dessert of cooked peaches with honey drizzled over them served over lady fingers. Absolutely delicious.

Reflection tonight focused on the little things. How every day we do a lot of little things and how sometimes those little things are really big things to other people.

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