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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"It's one thing to have a lot of people around you. But you know you're in a good place when you have a lot of people around that would give you the shirts right off their backs." Unknown

The temperature continued to climb today, despite the fact that it was a little drizzly in the morning. Like most of the country right now it, we are having hot and humid weather. The weather did not hamper a lot of wonderful work that was done today though. We had groups at three home repair sites and at Basketball Camp.

One home repair group finished the spindles on the ramp that was started two weeks ago. The ramp is officially done. Thank you to all who put in a lot of hard work in building the ramp, it looks beautiful.

Next door the ramp continues as about half the framing is done. Just like the ramp next door, this is quite a project as it helps the home owners exit and enter their homes after they have been raised up 8 feet to protect them from flood waters.

The third group headed out to Lilydale to work on several repairs in home there. There started by fixing in a leaky sink, tearing up the floor that the leak ruined, replacing the floor and tiling the floor. The hallway still needs to be done as well as a couple of other minor things around the house. Our friends from down the street were around lending a helpful hand whenever needed.

The Basketball Camp continued, and continued to pick up a few more kids. The kids are having a great time and receiving wonderful coaching from "Coach D" and the rest of the PVs.

Dinner tonight we were treated to chicken and rice, vegetable ratatouille and brown rice. Yummy yummy! With our over abundance of zucchini, it was but to creative use by making zucchini chocolate chip cookies and they were delicious.

Reflection tonight was on burdens. The reflection leaders used the symbol of a yoke and actually recreated a yoke that we each put on as we shared a burden that we see or share.

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