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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday July 15, 2011

"If you open your heart, the world for you will change and never be as it was before." Paul Dodge

Today was a day free of home repair, however it was a very busy day. First to leave the school in the morning was the crew heading out to help with distribution at the Itmann Food Bank. As usual it was a very busy day, with lots of people taking advantage of the food, clothing and housewares being offered.

Another group went with UGWA up to Twin Falls State Park to do some trailblazing on a section of trail that will be part of a new trail being built to parallel the Appalachian Trail. The PVs worked alongside UGWA volunteers as well as members of a mountain biking club.

We also sent a group out to continue work at the Way outside of Mullens. The volunteers continued tiling and dry-walling.

Today was also the last day of our inaugural Hanover Day Camps. Soccer camp and craft camp ended on a high note with 4 kids at each. A soccer camp the kids learned a lot of new skills during the week, as most had never played the sport before. At craft camp the kids finished their box guitars and were thrilled with them.

In the afternoon, several different PVs converged on Glen Rogers Manor of an afternoon of Banana Bingo, nail painting and conversation.

We were all treated to five different home made pizzas for dinner tonight. The pizza was delicious. For dessert we had a choice of either home made peach cobbler and/or banana bread with chocolate chips.

As it is Friday, our reflection was focused on the experiences of the last two weeks. Using the idea of the sower from Sunday's gospel reading we were asking to reflect on a seed of love we witnessed being sowed this week. As always it is great to hear what particular experiences really impacted everyone during the week.

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