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Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday, July 22, 2011

"I've seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people living ordinary lives." Tracy Chapman

Yet another hot and steamy day. There is hope that this weather is supposed to break over the weekend... Today is our non-home repair day, but still a very busy day.

We sent a crew over to St. Vincent DePaul in anticipation of a truck arriving on Monday. The warehouse needed some organizing so that there would be space to put the items that will be delivered.

Another crew went up to Twin Falls to work on a trail in the park that they would like to open up to hikers and mountain bikers. The PVs worked alongside UGWA and the Hillbilly Bike Club.

We also sent volunteers out to the way to continue to work on the firewall and the tiling in the bathrooms. The place looks great and is getting close to where it needs to be to be open to the youth.

Another crew also went to Mullens Manor for a day of Banana BINGO. There were 16 residents that took part in the BINGO, with many staying afterwards for the nail painting and conversation.

The final group of the day finished up at our inaugural Hanover PV Basketball Camp. The crowds grew as the the week went on and the kids had a great time and leaned a lot. Big thanks to "Coach D" and "Coach John" for their tireless enthusiasm and patience they showed to the kids this week.

For dinner tonight we were treated with a combo of home-cooked veggie lasagne and chicken and slaw, brought down by the family whose house we are in the middle of building the ramp for. They wanted to thank the volunteers for all their hard work on the ramp by supplying us with dinner.

We wrapped up the week with a reflection on volunteering, how it brings up a lot of questions, changes us and reshapes our views.

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