Mission Statement: The PV Volunteers are an ecumenical community of diverse individuals. By providing a service experience in a variety of settings, we respond to human need, form relationships and encourage change and growth both in ourselves and with those we serve.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

There is a tremendous strength that is growing in the world...

There is a tremendous strength that is growing in the world through...sharing together, praying together, suffering together, and working together.     Mother Teresa

This quote perfectly summarizes what it means to be a PV and really encapsulates the last few days. Together as a group we have worked together to settled into our new home. After our prearranged housing fell through less than 24 hours before volunteers started arriving, we reached out to Mark at The Way youth center in Mullens to see if he could help with our housing problem. The Way is a wonderful center that is a safe and positive place for kids. A few summers back, the PVs were honored to be asked to help alongside the hundreds of volunteers to make the Way a reality. Because of all this hard work, Mark was more than happy to try an accommodate the PVs for the summer, and hence our housing crisis was solved.

As we get used to our new home, it has taken the hard work of every PV pitching a hand to get the program where it needs to be to function for the summer. Because of the late start in preparation, we spent all day Monday getting the rest of our tools and supplies over from storage. The volunteers all eagerly helped with this project and gave up a day of their service week in service to the program.

We happily enjoyed a taco feast for dinner, as well as a perfectly ripened watermelon for dessert. After dinner we gather for the first reflection of the summer. We were asked to reflect why we came to WV our first summer. It was a great way to re-center and reinvest in what it means to be a PV, sharing together, praying together, suffering together and working together.

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