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Monday, June 30, 2014

As one person I cannot change the world...

As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person.

Paul Shane Spear

With all the problems around the world, it is important to not get overwhelmed and to do something and that something will make a difference. Today the PVs were able to make life a little easier for three different ladies.

We returned to the site in Maben to continue with the projects that were started last week. Great progress was made and we are that much closer to finishing the work we set out to do.

We also returned to the site in Allyn Junction to put the finishing touches on the drywall. The group sanded, mudded in a few places and put primer on the ceiling. Now we are all set to paint and to put the molding up.

A new site was started today near Pineville. The crew's task was to pull up floors that had many holes and replace it with new plywood. The woman who lives in the house told us that the damage done to her house was from the flood of 2001 when water ran underneath her house. She and her husband had been patching holes to make the house livable, but since his passing this last year she hasn't been able to keep up with the floor.

Dinner tonight was a green feast! Pecan Chicken, spinach quiche, broccoli and peppers and a nice green salad. With a topper of ice cream for dessert, how could you go wrong?

Listening...such an important skill to have and one that is so underrated. Reflection tonight focused on the importance of listening and what an important part it plays in being a PV. After reflecting on listening, we shared a "new and a good" from our day.

As a parting shot, thought we would share a picture we received today from twp PVs who left this past Saturday. Proves the old adage, you may be gone but not forgotten...

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