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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

There are two kinds of gratitude...

There are two kinds of gratitude:  The sudden kind we feel for what we receive, and the larger kind we feel for what we give.     Edward Arlington Robinson

Today we ventured off for the first time to home repair sites. We were spread across the county at two different sites. We worked in Allen Junction to help a women hang drywall on the ceiling in her house. Despite the struggles of nothing being square, the crew did a wonderful job, getting a large part of the room done. The home owner and her grandson were right there lending a hand whenever they could, whether it was holding drywall, or providing the volunteers with a sweet treat.

The other site was a two-parter. A group worked up on the roof installing a new EPDM rubber roof to stop many leaks. A second group of PVs worked around back of the trailer to build a small platform by the back door to give the family a second exit out of their trailer. This site was started in March when Northern Illinois University was here, so it was great to return and see the family.

After a hot and humid day, we were all treated to a wonderful dinner of chilli and Irish soda bread. While chilli may seem to be an odd choice, it was absolutely delicious.

Reflection for the night focused on our journey as PVs and all the times in the last two decades that we have had to shake off the dirt from our shoes and move on. It was a great reminder about change and how as the PV Vision Statements says, "In all endings are seeds of new beginnings."

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