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Friday, August 24, 2012

WEB Celebrates 9 Years in Brooklyn

This year marks the 9th anniversary of the beginning of WEB, the young womens empowerment group in Brooklyn. So much has changed over the last nine years, including their name. Originally the group was called TGIA (Teen Girls in Action), but as several of the members began reaching their twenties it was decided to come up with a more inclusive name, WEB (Women Empowering Brooklyn.) We could not be ,more proud as we have watched these young ladies grow. They have all graduated high school or received their GED, one has received her two year college degree, several others are working toward their degrees, some are still in high school, and a couple have become proud and loving mothers. Many in the group have come down to West Virginia to volunteer their time and they all have been counselors or junior counselors at our PEACE camp in Brooklyn. These young women are looked upon as leaders and mentors to the younger females in their neighborhood. And most impressively, they continue to stay connected with WEB and the PVs.  We are proud of you ladies!!!

A big thank you to Tricia, Patti and Rocco for your continued dedication to the group, facilitating the meetings and keeping the whole thing together!

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  1. Thanks for the update! Sounds as if everyone's thriving! Delighted to hear that the group is still going strong.