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Monday, August 27, 2012

New Collaboration in Wyoming County

We wanted to share with you an exciting new collaborative project in the works for the summer of 2013.  This past summer, we met with leaders of the Wyoming County Economic Development Office to discuss new ways in which the PVs can be of service to the county. The director, Christy Laxton, told us of the plans for the upcoming Reaching the Summit Community Service Initiative.  Next summer, the annual Boy Scout Jamboree will be held in southern West Virginia.  During their stay, the boys will be involved in numerous service activities.  Over fifty such projects will take place in Wyoming County. Ms. Laxton asked if the PVs could help with overseeing a few of the projects and offering some home repair expertise.  We are lucky to have to so many skilled volunteers that can provide such assistance at various sites throughout the county.

 In August, a meeting was held in Pineville to plan for the upcoming event.  After attending the meeting, and hearing about some of the planned service projects,we are even more excited about being involved with this venture. Also attending the meeting, was a woman many of us got to know this summer. She lived across the street from a site where we were working. This woman, graciously extended hospitality to all the volunteers who served at this site.  She let us use her weed whacker, her electricity, and her bathroom. It seemed whatever we needed she had. All who met her were impressed with her can do attitude. So I was not surprised to see her once again chipping in to serve the people in her community.

On a side note,  you will be happy to hear that during the meeting, the PVs were praised for our efforts this summer at the school house in Itmann.  So many volunteers worked tirelessly at this historic building and that hard work was recognized and praised by community leaders.  So thank you again to all the PVs for your work this summer.

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