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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer Fundraisers Totals

Those of you who were with us in West Virginia this summer know we had quite a few little fundraisers going on during the program. Now that the summer is wrapped wanted to share with you how they all went. In total from these activities, $641 was raised for the PVs. We find this quite incredible! Some highlights from these fundraisers:

A handmade stained glass was donated to the PVs to put up for silent auction throughout the summer. The final and winning bid was $151! Congratulations Bernice on your new stained glass!

A new campaign called "Change for Change," asking volunteers to drop any pocket change they had into a bucket, was also very successful. When all the pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters (and even a dollar coin) were counted at the end of the summer, just over $125 was raised. Not bad for a little pocket change!

The last two weeks of the program we also did a split the pot raffle. Both winners generously donated their halves back to the program, so that the program made $150 from the two raffles. Thank you Chuck and Michele!

We also were able to raffle off a handmade afghan made by Lucy, sell previous summers t-shirts, as well as cookbooks and 35 years books.  All in we were very pleased with all the donations. Thank you to all who contributed either an item or by donation.

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