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Friday, July 20, 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Where you end up is not the most important thing. It's the road you take to get there. The road is what you'll look back on and call your life."
Tim Willey

Another crazy weather day... it was hot and humid and then about 4 o'clock a thunderstorm came rolling in, with lots of rain and wind. It was enough of a storm to knock out the power once again at the school, and probably at one of the worst times, right as dinner was starting to get prepared. Luckily the first thing prepared was the the dessert so that was all done : ) We ended up making a decision to go to Jose Ole in Pineville for dinner. We filled up the downstairs and definitely raised the noise level quite a bit, but it was a nice change of pace. And to make everything even better, when we arrived back at the school the power was back on.

But before all the excitement we did have sites that we went to. Because we finished up several sites yesterday, we were able to start a new site out past Pineville on top of a mountain. At the site volunteers fixed flooring and replaced guttering. It was quite phenomenal to amount of work that was done today by the volunteers, the home owner and her son.

Another smaller group went to two sites to finish up small amounts of tiling that need to be done and make another dump run. We they finished up in the early afternoon they went up to join the mountain top folks.

The final group was working with the camps back at the school. They had another successful morning session with the two girls and then were joined by quite a few campers in the afternoon for a Basketball Camp. The day culminated in a 5v5 game.

Everyone was able to get their showers in before the power went out and extra long naps were taken when there was no power, but all in all it was just a little inconvenience. Even though it was a little late (9:30) When  we came back from dinner we went right into reflection. During reflection we were asked to reflect on our Eden, our apple and our heart, and share about any or all of it. After reflection we were able to enjoy the brownies that were made pre-power outage, Yummy!

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