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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012

"Each day, accept everything that comes to you as a gift. At night, mentally give it all back. In this way, you become free."
Daniel Levin

Another week starts and the temperatures rise. Today it was not only warmer, but much more humid than in the past few weeks. There was a brief shower in the afternoon, but not enough to clear out the air.

Today the PVs went out to three different jobsites. We continued at two of the sites from last week, but doing different jobs. We went back to the house in Lilydale that we painted and built a back porch, but this time volunteers worked inside replacing a few floors. Tomorrow the group that goes there will place vinyl tile over the new floor.

Volunteers also went back to the site just outside of Oceana where last week we power-washed. Today the volunteers finished the power washing that couldn't be done last week because the power washer stopped running, as well as starting to lay a new kitchen floor and build a back porch. The porch was a little tricky as it would block the door to the owner's chicken coop, so the first step was to move the chicken coop door. In the middle of all the hard work that was being done at the site, a couple of the volunteers had to also help with a flat tire that the truck had when it was dropping off supplies.

The final site of the day was the Hanover Basketball Camp. Today was the first day of this summer's basketball camp. Coach D is back in town to run is wonderful camp. The kids that came, both local kids and PV kids, had a wonderful time. We are looking forward to the rest of the week.

Everyone was starving by the time dinner time came. We were lucky to be treated to home made calzones, deviled eggs, salad and homemade cookies. All around yummy!

During reflection tonight, the readings from Sunday were used and we reflected on what we brought with us from home for comfort on this journey this summer. It was interesting to hear what people brought and why. Volunteers also were encouraged to share a new from the day.

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