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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sweet Thursday

Today, the weather forecasters got it wrong (sorry, Nick.) We were suppose to have another sunny, warm day with scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon, but instead had cool and rainy weather, with thunder and lightening.

Our site for today was a whole group affair, all the NIU students, Dan and us. We all met at the old school building in Itmann where UGWA and Groundworks West Virginia are working together to rehab the building to turn it into their offices as well as a museum and visitor center for the area. Last summer a couple of PVs who are also architects, met with UGWA to discuss what needed to be done to get the building move-in-able. Today we went to help to clean and to knock down a couple of walls to expose windows to bring light into the area. When we got there we had an initial challenge of there being no electricity to the building. The NIU students didn't let the lack of light stop them from cleaning though. With the light from a cell phone, they swept and cleaned the dark room. Not too long later the electricity was on at the building and we were able to begin the demolition. The group worked together seamlessly with the contractor and both walls were down, nails removed from the lumber, lumber stacked and the rooms swept within a matter of hours. It was quite impressive. Today we were able to get a good start on a project that the PVs will be helping with throughout the whole summer.

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