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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ruby Tuesday

It was a beautiful day in the mountains of West Virginia today. On our drive home from the site today the temperature in the truck read 76 degrees. Is it summer yet?

Today was much like yesterday as we had three groups head out to three different areas of the county. One group returned to Head Start in Baileysville to help out with the children. Another group went back to the St. Vincent DePaul warehouse to help clean it out and get ready for distribution. A tremendous amount has been done over the last two days. Today they were able to make several trips to the Itmann Food Bank to move stuff between the warehouse to the Food Bank.

The third group went back to the home repair site in Hanover. Today we were able to finish up the pink room and begin painting the purple room. We also had a crew on the outside of the house replacing the underpinning on one section of the house. Toward the end of the day, the two girls that live in the house came home from school and pitched in to help paint the rooms and entertain the volunteers.

The plans for the evening included an excursion up Castle Rock in Pineville, a visit to our neighbor and a chance to relax and reflect on the day.

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