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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another Sunny Day...

Another beautiful day in West Virginia. Today was almost summer like with temperatures in the low 80's. The mountains looked beautiful with the blue skies.

Today the students continued with their projects that they have been working on the first two days. A group worked hard organizing at St. Vincents DePaul and also helped with furniture distribution at the warehouse. Another group went back to help at Head Start. This week the Head Start has been short teachers, so the timing could not be any better.

The home repair group broke up into two groups. One went to finish up the projects from the two days earlier. The underpinning was finished and the two rooms painted, pink and purple. We will be returning to work with this family so we only said goodbye temporarily. The other site we had today was also a site we will be working on this summer. Today we just started off with replacing two windows and a door. We are looking forward to seeing them soon again.

After we left the site we decided to stop in and say hello at Huff Consolidated, our summer home. We met with the principal and started talking plans for the summer. It is just around the corner....

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