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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Happy International Womens Day!

The sun was shining bright today... the crew headed back up to Hanover and put on a third coat of mud on the house they were working on.  Another smaller crew worked to replace floors in trailer also up in Hanover.  For those of you that were with us this past summer, the trailer belongs to  the gentleman who entertained us while working at his sister-in-laws house by singing old gospel tunes. Another new development up in that same area since this summer, the house we replaced floors in has now been raised 5 feet up in the air to prevent any future flooding.

Another group today started up at St. Vincent DePaul organizing the warehouse until a large truck arrived with donations. Many couches, chairs, sinks, doors, etc. where unloaded and placed in the warehouse.  We all then jumped into the car and followed the truck to the Itmann Foodbank where all the housewares, bedding and other goods were unloaded.  There will be a lot of good stuff going out on distribution day next Friday.

The third group of students went to the Maben Head Start where they had a wonderful time playing with the children.

This evening the students were given the opportunity to sit and talk with Debbie from St. Vincent DePaul. Debbie gave the group tremendous insight into life in Wyoming County.

Weather-wise tomorrow is suppose to be rather nasty with rain and thunder. The county is under a flood watch, so people are a little nervous.  Send lots of good, dry thoughts and prayers our way.

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