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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Today was our planned day with UGWA, with all the Holy Cross students working together to clean up the dam at Horse Creek Lake near Baileysville. Although it wasn't rainy much when we started the drive to the lake, when we arrived it was pouring rain.  After sitting in the cars for awhile trying to wait out the rain, we noticed the Holy Cross vans slowly emptying as the students had decided to brave the rain and take a look at the lake.  After being outside for awhile, and already being soaking wet, the students asked if they could still do the planned litter pick up though the conditions were pretty awful.  So needless to say, we followed their lead and really made a wonderful impact and made the dam look beautiful.

Since the students will be leaving in the afternoon tomorrow, we had them all over for dinner and a closing reflection. After reflection, we were treated to a yummy carrot cake that the students brought with them and we were introduced to the game of mafia.  Lots of laughter and many stories later, the students headed back to Mullens for their last night in Wyoming County.

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