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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kansas...there's no place like a Hoe Down

It has taken us a few days to recover (hence the delay in writing this), but we had a wonderful time in Kansas over the weekend for the annual Midwest PV Evaluation and Reunion Weekend.

Although it had just been in the 80's a few days before, we were met with a more wintry feel as we arrived for the weekend. Friday night, volunteers arrived throughout the evening and enjoyed a relaxing time of catching up, play ping pong, pool and board games.  And oh yeah, in true PV fashion, lots of food!

By Saturday morning all 22 PVs had arrived.  We spent the morning reviewing the past summer, talking about changes that could be made and then updating everyone on the events of the program. After a yummy lunch (thanks Lucy!) we piled into the cars and headed out to Weston, MO. Weston is a town that has a cute downtown area with a lot of shops and a lot of history.

Before we knew it, it was time to head over to the shed to make final preparations for the hoe down. The biggest challenge for the night would be to keep everyone somewhat warm for the night. The lows were suppose to go down into the mid-20's and with the shed being a rather large metal structure it was a bit chilly at first.  But after Dan and Phil fired up the rather large wood stove, the chill was taken out of the air.

The hoe down itself was a lot of fun.  When all was said and done, there were over 90 people in attendance, an amazing array of food was brought to share, lots of square dancing was done, an all around great time was had by all.  Between selling cookbooks and Lucy raffling off an afghan, over $250 was made for the PVs.  The event also gave a nice introduction to the local Live with Passion effort, Plant with Passion. (see the spotlight on the LWP blog.)

Words cannot express our gratitude to Dan and Lucy and the whole Schletzbaum family for their hospitality, kindness and unwavering support of the PVs.

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