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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday, March 10th

We have it the official middle of the week... my has it flown by.  Although the day started a little dizzily the weather turned out to be ok, a little warm actually.  Today we had four crews out across the county.  We were able to send volunteers to two different Early Head Starts, the one in Baileysville and the one in Matheny.  Although we never have pictures, the volunteers are doing a wonderful job and the teachers are singing their praises.

We sent a group back to Hanover to continue to underpin the trailer.  With the rains from the night before it was even a little more muddy if you can believe it.  The progress being made on the trailer continues to amaze us! 

The fourth group today had a combo site, both in Mullens.  First they went to help a man knock down and haul a way an old building on his property. That sounds simple enough, but there is no way to pull our truck up to it to load the debris so it had to be hand carried down a steep flight of steps and across a highway to the truck (see picture)  We had just gotten into the swing of things when a truck arrived with housewares for the Food Bank that they needed help unloading. We all headed over to help unload the truck and take a quick lunch break.  After lunch we went back and continued to help knock down and haul.  Two trips to the dump were made and the building we wanted to get down, was completed, so a good day.

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