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Friday, March 12, 2010

Thursday, March 11th

Well the week may be winding down, but the students of NIU are still going strong.  What a busy day we had and how pleased we are with the work that was done.  Once again the students divided up, sending a group of eager workers to far reaching corners of Wyoming County.

One group of students went to the Early Head Start in Matheny.  This was their second day at this particular Head Start and we thought it would be the last.  But no...we have such a dedicated group that they have answered the call to return again tomorrow.  It is not easy saying no to adorable children and a wonderful teacher like Nancy. 

The Itmann Food Bank, a place we all know and love, is another place where our hardworking NIU students pitched in to provide some assistance.  As we noted yesterday, the food bank received a much needed shipment of housewares.  Today those housewares were unpacked and put up for next week's distribution.  Having finished that assignment relatively quickly,we were asked finish up some minor repairs needed in the building, which by the way is looking fantastic!

In addition to the Itmann Food Bank and Head Start, a group of students continued with the project in Hanover.  And it must be said that NIU really went far beyond our expectations of what could be accomplished at this home this week.  The insulation is completed, about half of the underpinning is up and all the painting we had hoped to do is done!  Yes the weather helped, but it was not the weather who knelt in the mud day after day framing and hanging underpinning.  And because of the effort put forth by NIU, the homeowner is closer to the day when she can leave her FEMA trailer and come home.

The day came full circle when Val from UGWA joined us for dinner and an informational session on the Upper Guyandotte Watershed.  Val told us of some of the issues facing the watershed.  Tomorrow will be spent working to correct one issue,  the dreaded Japanese Knot-weed!  We will let you know how it goes.

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