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Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday, March 12th

The week has come to an end, and what a wonderful week it has been.  Despite predictions of rain and bad weather, we ended up with a beautiful, sunny week and and even more wonderful group of NIU students.

For the last day, the students broke into three groups and spread out across the county.  One group went to the Matheny Head Start to help fill in with a short staffed classroom and had a blast with the children.  Another group went back to the Food Bank to help finish the repairs from yesterday and helped unload a commodities truck. The Food Bank is looking more like it's old self for distribution next week.  The last and largest group headed up to the town of Helen where they helped with the Upper Guyandotte Watershed Association (UGWA) to remove Japanese Knot-weed from the river's edge.  The removal of this invasive weed helped to clear the spot where the town will put their soon to be installed water treatment system.

It has truly been a pleasure to work with the sixteen young women and men from NIU this week.  They were willing to do any of the tasks that we put in front them, no matter how dirty or how unglamorous they were.  And even more impressive, even project they worked on did not have a chance of completion, they were just there to help the project along and to pass the next task on to the next group.  In a society such as ours where we want results, it has been refreshing to be with young people who are satisfied to do their part to better the world they live in.  They are truly an inspiration and it has been a gift to be with them this week.

PS:  We will be posting more pictures in the next week after everyone gets home safely an emails their favorite pictures.

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  1. The Upper Guyandotte Watershed Association wants to say THANK YOU to the NIU students that joined us in Ury/Helen. They did a great job. We also want to thank the UGWA volunteers, especially Alta Cox, for providing lunch. Hope to see some PV Volunteers this summer. Thank You!