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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Aurora - Wednesday, September 16

We were blessed with another beautiful day in Aurora. The sun was shining all day, the temperatures were warm, but not too hot, all around this week's weather was extremely pleasant. On the work end of things today, we spent the day laying a new floor for a family here in Aurora. The family had come on some tough times a couple of years back and have been able to save enough to move there family of six out of an apartment and into a newly purchased house. The house was in need of some sprucing up and they were running out of time before then needed to move in. Luckily we were connected with them this week and were able to offer the man/woman power for the task. The home owner was very gracious to provide us a homemade lunch that was delicious. We weren't quite able to finish the project, but we will be back on Friday to finish the task!

We had quite a smorgasbord of a dinner tonight with leftovers from dinners and lunches, as well as some ham and home grown veggies from volunteer's gardens. I have to say we have been eating quite well these days, especially in the dessert department!

For reflection tonight the group was presented with healing energies and healing touch. A volunteer that has studied the area explained and demonstrated the whole idea to us. Reflection is always a great time to rest, relax, reflect and learn new things.

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