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Friday, September 18, 2015

Aurora - Friday, September 18

Our last work day in Aurora.... Today we decided to divide and conquer. We had one group go and finish up the flooring that we started on Wednesday. Everything went smoothly and we were done pretty much by lunch time. Once again the home owners provided a wonderful lunch for us. About an hour after lunch we had finished up all the little touches and were on our way. The floor turned out great and we look forward to coming back next year to share a meal with the family, at their request.

The other group went to remove an old carpet in two rooms and reinstall a new one for a woman in Aurora. She was having some health issues due to the dirty carpet in the apartment and it was the hope that a new carpet would improve her health and well being. By early afternoon a beautiful carpet was laid and the homeowner couldn't have been happier. We will post pictures when we get them next week.

All week we had been hearing about the Cosmopolitan Grocery Store. This is a grocery store/restaurant/bar. We decided to take a group trip to check out the store and ended up eating dinner there. It was a lot of fun and a great community time.

We wrapped up the week with a closing reflection. We took the time to look back at the week and share the stories and the people that touched us and changed us. A huge thank you to the volunteers who took the time out to join us this week and to our hosts, Susan and Bruce for opening up their house to us and setting up the service opportunities that we were able to experience.

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