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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The place to improve the world...

The place to improve the world is first in one's own heart and head and hands.    Robert M Pirsig

What started out as a warm and humid day ended in a heavy, heavy downpour this evening. The rains should clear everything out for a beautiful day tomorrow. But before we talk about tomorrow, lets look back on today.

Today we continued on the paining and flooring site in Mullens, as well as the addition in the Saulesville area. The big news of the day though is we finished up three sites!!! The flooring site near Welch looks great and the home owner is VERY happy with the result and all the hard work over the last few days. We also finished up on the site in Maben that we started awhile back but where the owner took a fall and was in the hospital. She greeted the volunteers in a wheelchair/walker with her leg in a cast all the way up to the hip. Despite her difficulties she was always warm and welcoming self. Finally, we finished up a site that we had begun back in March with the Northern Illinois group that we had promised to come back to do a little follow up.

Besides all the home repair going on, we also had our basketball camp in the afternoon. We picked up two more kids for the afternoon camp and by all reports a fun time was had by all. We did find out that there is another free camp in Mullens this week, explaining why our numbers are not as good as we had anticipated.

After the long day we were treated to a comforting meal of meatloaf, (lentil loaf for the veggies), mashed potatoes, peas and veggies. To top off the wonderful meal we were spoiled with banana pudding for dessert. Yum, yum, yum.

Tonight's reflection was done by a long time PV, but first time reflection leader. I'd have to say, it was an impressive first time out! We first reflected on what West Virginia means to us. A common thread was the community, so the final activity of creating a web among the volunteers was very apropos. We were each a part of the web of connections and answered a random question about ourselves to learn more about each other. After the web was formed the younger PVs enjoyed running underneath the web.

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