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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Change your opinions, keep to your principles...

Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots.     Victor Hugo

We were blessed with a dry day today so we could get the projects done that we had committed to complete. The ramp that we were building in Maben was pretty much completed today, we just have to go back to put in a lower railing so that when the home owner is in her wheelchair she doesn't have to reach as far. She was thrilled to not have to scoot down the steps anymore.

The ramp in Matheny made tremendous progress today after getting slowed up bit by the rains yesterday. During the day and couple of PVs ran to Lilydale to finish the job that was started but rained out on Monday.

The final site of the day was a new site on top of Herndon Mountain. The family asked us for a new front door and a new toilet as the old one was no longer connected. We were also able to patch a few holes in the their livingroom to make the floor stronger.

As we are winding down the dinners are more and more eclectic as we are trying to use up items that have accumulated in the kitchen. Also we have been blessed with many vegetables from volunteers gardens that we get to incorporate into dinners. So tonight we had a pasta dish reinvented with hamburgers, hotdogs and zucchini, brown rice, a vegetable lasagne with no pasta, a bean salad and a cucumber salad. All VERY scrumptious.

Reflection tonight focused on the scraps of ourselves to others. Another beautiful song was performed by two PVs to go along with the reflection. All and all another wonderful night.

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