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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"People almost always do great things without knowing how to do them, and are quite surprised to have done them."  Bernard DeFontenelle

Today was one of those days when it seemed like it could rain at any moment, or have abundant sunshine. As we left the school to go to sites it was sunny and raining...there must have been a rainbow somewhere. We continued at the same two sites from yesterday. At the ramp site, the whole ramp frame has been built and a large majority of the deck boards have been attached. It is exciting to the progress each day. Before you know it, it will be fully functional.

The other site was able to finish scraping and paint most of the porch. The floor still needs to be done. Progress was also made with the underpinning. We are working with existing vinyl underpinning, trying to get it back into the tracks, as well as trying to replace damaged or missing pieces. Needless to say it is like a big puzzle and takes a lot of patience, but luckily we had the perfect group of PVs to do the job.

We were very excited for dinner tonight, not only for the food, but also because we were having several visitors join us. It is always special to share a meal with friends, and this was quite the meal to do this with. There was meatloaf, baked potatoes, 3 bean salad, soda bread and to top it off a scrumptious fruit salad. Needless to say we ate well.

Reflection tonight centered on the idea of community, what it means to be part of a community such as the PVs. We shared examples of when we saw community. As a community we are invincible.

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