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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"From a mighty spark may burst a mighty flame."  Dante

We awoke this morning to sound of rain bouncing off the metal roof of the school. It was a cool rainy morning in Hanover. We spent the first half of the day waiting for the rain stop, if not to at least slow down a bit. The creek behind the school started to sound a bit like an ocean, but because of recent dry weather, still had room before it reached a level that would be worrisome.

After eating lunch at the school, the brave volunteers headed out into the sprinkling rain with the promise of clearing skies in the near future. Both sites were able to accomplish quite a bit in their abbreviated day. One group worked in Long Branch repairing a porch. Today the volunteers were able to tear off all the deck boards that were going to be replaced, as well as the railings and stairs. Now that the group removed all the old, damaged wood, we will be replacing the deck boards with new boards and putting on new railings and building new stairs.

The other group worked over near Baileysville. There are several small projects that need to be done at this house, but because of the weather, today the group focused on some of the flooring that needed to be replaced in various areas of the trailer.

We worked a little later than normal today because we had such an abbreviated day, but that didn't make anyone less hungry for the meal that awaited us. Really it was two meals, one the was special for the vegetarians and one for those that prefer a little meat in their meals. The vegetarians were treated to a wonderful Mediterranean dish, while the meat eaters enjoyed a cheeseburger pie.  The wonderful meal was topped of with a magnificent recreation of a s'mores/cheesecake combo.

The unexpected was the theme for reflection.It started with part of a Run DMC song as a way to introduce the idea of the unexpected. We were ask to share something from our day or time in WV that was unexpected.

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