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Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday, July 31, 2011

We are all settled into our house in Pineville and are all ready for the week ahead. Our group may be smaller in number this week, but we are a determined group, ready finish up the work in Wyoming County.

For our last community day, we headed up to Twin Falls for a hike to the falls, which included a little exploring in and around the falls. After we finished up the hike we drove up to the lodge. They have been spending the past several years renovating the lodge and it looks fantastic. You wouldn't even know it was the same place. We then went down to the pro shop by the golf course in hopes of getting ice cream, only to find out the little cafe went away during the renovations. We were left with only one thing to do, we had to go to Dairy Queen. What a sacrifice!

After our long day of excursions, a few naps were taken before dinner. For dinner we retooled leftovers from our Thursday night dinner from last week, spaghetti, added some garlic and melted cheese over it, and ta-da we had baked spaghetti, bread and salad.

After dinner we spent some time getting reoriented and then went right into the commissioning service, to welcome the new volunteers. The evening finished up with getting signed up for jobsites for Monday. We are looking forward to another great week.

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