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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bed Stuy Camp - Day 2

What an exciting day! We started the day and everything was running smoothly and we even picked up several new kids. And then...... the earthquake hit. Two classes were in the building and felt the sway, while the younger kids were out in the parking lot having their "recess time." We were asked to leave the building and stay outside until further instructed. While we were waiting on the sidewalk, an impromptu game of the magicball broke out on the sidewalk, harkening back to the early dates of the PVs in Bretz. After some time, it was decided that we shouldn't go back in case there was an aftershock. So, we spent the last hour of camp out in the parking lot skipping rope, playing with chalk, blowing bubbles, etc. Again, we were very impressed with everyone's ability to adjust and be flexible with the changes. After the kids went home, all the PVs headed over to the Alligator Lounge for pizza. Yummy, yummy!!!

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