Mission Statement: The PV Volunteers are an ecumenical community of diverse individuals. By providing a service experience in a variety of settings, we respond to human need, form relationships and encourage change and growth both in ourselves and with those we serve.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WEB Lends a Hand

WEB, Womens Empowerment Brooklyn, the young womens group the PVs started 11 years ago is still going strong. One besides providing a safe place to talk about life's triumphs and struggles, the young ladies have always tried to engage in their community with service. Whether it is helping with the PVs Peace Camp or serving meals at a local soup kitchen, they have had a positive impact in their community.

A few weeks ago a call for help was made for a few extra hands to unload a tractor trailer full of 1,000 turkeys and canned good to be distributed in the community just in time for Thanksgiving. Members of WEB as well as a young gentleman who was one of our original junior counselors for PEACE camp worked alongside 30 others to unload the truck in record time. We are so proud of all of you! You are an example to us all to give back to our own neighborhoods.

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