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Friday, September 12, 2014

Painting, Moving,Teaching, Glazing and Painting

There was a sudden and noticeable drop in temperature this morning as we set out for our day. Temperatures pretty much stayed in the low 50's for the day making it a cold one for outside work. Speaking of outside work, we returned to St. Rita's to finish up painting the wood work around the stained glass panels around the church and continued to re-glaze as many windows as we were able to. Volunteers are getting in the groove of glazing and the process is moving along.

Volunteers went to the ESL tutoring again this morning working with newly arrived refugees helping them learn functional English and English phrases. By all reports it has been a wonderful experience for all the volunteers involved.

Hesed House welcomed two volunteers for the day again, this time doing a lot of different activities, helping wherever was needed. They helped move offices, they carried boxes, served lunch, painted, you name it, they did it today.

Because of the chilly fall like day, for dinner we were treated to a yummy chilli dinner. It really helped to warm you up. Not only did we have chili, we had rice krispie treats for dessert! Who could ask for anything more really?

Tonight's reflection was spent reflecting on things we learned and were inspired by this week. There were so many to chose from, but it was good to hear everyone's favorite.

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