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Friday, August 22, 2014

Mustard Seed Grant - Volunteer Interviews

For the past several summers, the PV Volunteers have been one of the recipients of the Mustard Seed Grant from Sacred Heart parish in Southbury, CT.  The PVs have been able to receive this grant because of the efforts of two Sacred Heart parishioners who are also PVs, Bob and Bernie. The monies we have received from the Mustard Seed Grant of gone a long way in helping to sustain the work we do in West Virginia. We believe one of the reasons that we have received this grant for several years, is because of the wonderful follow up that Bob and Bernie provide to their parish. Each year they post on their parish website pictures with a narrative from their time in West Virginia, as well as interviews that they conduct with willing PVs talking about their experiences. This year we wanted to make sure we shared with all of you their wonderful work.

Thanks Bob and Bernie for all you do!!!

Narrative/Pictures:  http://www.sacredheartchurch.info/scrapbook.html

Volunteer Interviews:

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