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Friday, May 2, 2014

Another Member of the Human Race

Another Member of the Human Race


Good evening PV blog readers! Today was a hot one in Seattle! All of our fair skinned volunteers are rosy from a morning's work in the parish garden. This site is a continuation from last year. Last year the volunteers weeded, leveled and created garden boxes turning an idea to reality. This year seeds are planted and a prayer labyrinth was installed. This morning we weeded and leveled the side of the garden so a fence can later be installed. The garden is on a steep incline; a fence will be built for safety reasons. While working we listened to stories from a local while following PV protocol and taking multiple water breaks. Our project was completed thankfully before the severe heat wave was upon us.

Next we headed back to the school library. Half of us removed books out of the computer database. The rest of us prepared the books for their journey to the Philippines. The afternoon went quickly and we were able to accomplish much. Fun fact- Pearl Harbor occurred before Hawaii was a state.

For fun we grabbed some local ice cream and headed to the Museum of Flight. We saw an aerocar, walked onto Eisenhower's Air Force One and watched a video on how astronauts go to the bathroom in space. It was a great way to enjoy the outdoors as many of the planes were outside. Boeing is a big contributor to Seattle's economy so visiting the Museum of Flight seemed appropriate.

For dinner we were treated to the guys' delicious tuna casserole. We reflected on various stories from our week who have brightened us with their presence similar to Thomas Merton's experience in Louisville. The week has been so interesting and enjoyable it is hard to believe tomorrow is Friday.

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