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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 2 Aurora, IL Service Trip

Another a great day! Today we went to help out Emanuel House, a non profit whose mission it is to help people become home owners in their communities. They are able to offer a program where families are able to rent one of their properties for 2 years, where at the end of the 2 years receive their rent back to put as a down payment on a house in the community. A really amazing concept filling a great need and a gap in services. The project we worked on was to help them begin to refurbish an old office that will become their offices, as well as offices for World Relief, another non profit that we will be working with later in the week. Our main job today was demolition, not something that we as PVs do often. We worked in several different parts of the building tearing down walls, ceilings and floors, where in most places were four layers; tile, cement, cement again and finally wood. After all this was tossed out the back of the building we also filled up a dumpster with all the debris. Unfortunately the dumpster was not able to be placed close enough to put the debris directly into the dumpster because of the elevated train tracks directly behind the building. The general contractor for this project was from a very interesting organization called My Father's Hands, the only nonprofit contractor in the country. They were wonderful guides through the day, working right along beside us.

At the end of the work day we were tired, but a good tired. We had a wonderful dinner of kabobs, with most of the veggies on them from volunteer's gardens. After dinner we had a nice reflection and looked back on our day.

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